Friday, April 16, 2010

4 Pennies and a Nickle

That's how I counted my laps....
I brought 16 coins with me to the pool.
I put the pile at the end of the pool on a tile.
At the end of every lap, I just moved one coin over to another tile. I used a nickle for my 5th lap, a dime for my 10th lap.
I think I should patent my idea.
I really thought I would only be able to swim 6 laps. I was shocked when I felt just fine.
At the end of 16 laps I felt so good, I thought I would swim one more victory lap. Then I just swam another, then another. Then I thought I would just swim 24 laps - so I would just return 8 of my coins back to the original pile. After 8 more laps, I thought of the conversation with Christopher where he told me as a boy scout he did the mile swim in 40 minutes. If Christopher could swim a mile, I might as well! So, I just kept swimming. Shockingly, I did the whole mile.
Dad thinks I will be very sore tomorrow, and almost unable to walk by Sunday. I'll let you know. Currently, I feel it a little in my shoulders and my hip flexors.

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Hillary said...

you are my hero!