Monday, April 19, 2010

I'd Rather Exercise than Clean

But sometimes you have to clean.

So, before I began, I remembered we had received a coupon magazine in the mail and often there are some good deals. So, I looked through the book for some motivational coupons. I found some! Several were from frozen yogurt places. The one I picked was in Sierra Madre. It was for 3 oz FREE! Just my price.

I did some fantastic cleaning (hopefully someone will notice; I'll bet Griffin does, he always does, what a good boy!). I got my coupon and went.

(But first I drove over to our neighbor's house, Maxine Birch. We (us and other neighbors) haven't seen her for awhile. I saw her son's, Peter, truck there, so I knew he was home. I rang the doorbell. Waited for a very long time. No answer. I am guessing no good news for Maxine. But I can't make Peter talk. More investigation needed. Now, back to the real story:

I drive out to Sierra Madre and SHOCKING! I found that the yogurt place was the old Cold Stones!! hmm...interesting. I find a parking spot. Walk in, find out that they have been there for 2 months. I ask the (seemingly) nice Asian girl/woman for SOME taster cups so I would know what flavors I liked. She handed over ONE! (Points taken away!!) I don't let that stop me, I tried every single one of those flavors!! I ended up getting Vanilla and Strawberry. Both VERY delicious.

Yogurt: very good
Ambiance: ok
People skills of the server: very poor
Will I return: if I get another 3 oz free coupon

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