Friday, February 19, 2010

Sometimes I have people call me on the phone because they need some work done on their website. I will pull up the website with them, ask them some careful questions to make sure I understand exactly what they need, and then give them a quote. "This will cost $xxx to do."

Sometimes they respond, "whew, that's less than I thought. Go ahead." But the response that really annoys me: "Wait, but this is just really easy to do!" At this point, my response is usually "Well if it is so easy, why don't you do it?" That doesn't usually help things.

It is interesting when people self proclaim that they know nothing about computers, yet they know exactly how easy a programming problem is to do. Enough to contradict the programming expert. Oh well, I guess it's only a waste of about 10 minutes of my day.


Nana said...

You have been given a beautiful talent (pushing buttons and being curious about everything)! You have magnified this talent hugely!!! Yet, everything we have in life Heavenly Father has given us. Be Thankful that you can graciously help people even though you think it a waste of your time. Every morning when I wake up I ask HF to bless me that I might "be an Angel, today." meaning, help someone in a very small way. Think of the blessings you are getting . . . we all are building our mansions in heaven and every time we do a good deed a brick will be put on our mansion! Just think, how big and gorgeous your mansion can be. You might even have room for your Nana!!! I love you, anyway.

Julie/mom said...

Loved the picture.
I could VERY much hear your voice in your writing.

I guess some people walk into Nordstrom thinking they walked into the 99 cent store.