Friday, February 5, 2010

Rain Doesn't Stop Athletes!

The rain started up again in Sunny, Southern California.
I don't mind. It's good for the earth.
I don't let it stop my activities; and as I told Zak today, "Good Thing You are NOT The Wicked Witch Of The West!"
So, I ran my 4 miles today. Tried to do a light work-out...hoping for a longer run tomorrow. It didn't stop Dad either. He came home early to do a bit of yard work!

Zak and Quinn did their usual track workout in the rain too. After that, they got a group to play football. They had a great time because I wasn't called to come and get them until 5:45pm! When I got there to get them, this is what I saw: Zak slid into the wretched fence (maybe the same one that sliced open Chase's head), and sliced up his knee a bit. Sue was there and fixed him up.

Zak feels bad that the pictures don't really do his wound justice....I guess they are not very photogenic.

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Nana said...

I think his hairy leg looks worse than his wound! Sorry, ZAK!