Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Be Careful What You Tell A Child

I helped at Griffin's library time at the school yesterday.

I check the books in, I put the books away, I check the new books out. I try to make a little comment to each child just because I like to connect with them.

Griffin came up in line and quickly, he said, "Mom, Hannah's mom hates me AND you!".

Oh my.

For Griffin's valentine's he gave out little fun dips. What child doesn't like fun dips!

Hannah, who was 2 children behind Griffin in line, explained with a smile on her face that while she was eating the fun dip, the sugar got all over her mouth (of course) and some got in her stitches, which are right by the corner of her mouth, and made her stitches sticky.


I know her mother. I am sure she would be somewhat embarrassed to know that that little story was told at school.
I thought it funny.

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Steven said...

I think this is hilarious.