Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lost and Found

Look what I found in my closet today!
Do YOU know the story behind this t-shirt??
I haven't worn it for 8 1/2 or 9 years!
**story behind the picture:
I tried to just hold the camera and take the picture. I took 6 and didn't like any of them. Then I thought about the timer, but didn't know how to work it. THEN I remembered Steven one time just taking the camera with a "I'll figure it out!" and he did in about 5 I figured if he could, so could I. Thanks for the example, Steven.


Steven said...

Was this a church event?

Julie/mom said...

steven: Incorrect!

I'll wait and see if more comments come before I give the correct anwser.

Heather said...

Hmm...road rally... To me this sounds like some sort of roller derby extravaganza or monster truck show. So obviously you must have either been driving a monster truck or competing in a roller derby. Those are my guesses 

Christopher said...

I think for my 18th birthday (which was in 2001), we did a 'road rally' where people took videos and drove around town finding stuff. It was really fun, but I don't remember a t-shirt being made out of it.

hill mill said...

Lookin good Julie! And in response to Christopher's comment - didn't she break her leg slipping on the bleachers to place a clue for that scavenger hunt?!

Julie/mom said...

Thanks, Hillary!

Christopher is RIGHT!
I did make up a "Road Rally" for his 18th birthday. I suggested T-shirts; Christopher thought the idea dorky; so I made one for myself and aren't I glad now!! It reminded me of a great memory, and it is always a pleasant day when you find something in your closet from 9 years ago and find that you CAN fit into it!!

I guess I could have written on the T-shirt "In Preparation for next year's broken leg rally!"

And Heather, I probably could drive a monster truck AND really pull some hair in a roller derby!

GBART said...

You're lookin' awsome Julie!!

Catherine said...

hubba hubba. you lookin good, girl! :)