Thursday, August 9, 2012

Utah Home Show 2012 Edition

Griffin and I went up to Utah to see the
Nana, Griffin and I all enjoyed seeing 11 houses in 7 hours!
Here's what you missed:

Before we left, at Nana's house

at the 1st house; OLD barn in the back yard

Our favorite bathroom

we LOVED this shower

Birds were EVERYWHERE!
I will try to make a couple

LARGEST house on tour.
20,000 sq. feet
NOT our favorite

in the largest house - I am in one wing, Nana in the other
do you see her across the hall, through the chandelier?

 There she is!

I really liked these branches behind the bed too

 I tried to be so sneaky. I wanted to take this women's picture, but didn't want her to know. I made it seem to be taking a picture of the ghastly fireplace/TV/wooden wall. The woman's hair is the MOST fascinating thing in the room

There, now you got to see highlights in 15 seconds.
Hope you are happy.

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