Thursday, August 30, 2012

Recap of Summer 2012 ... July

We had S'mores! More than once too!

Quinn found an EAGLE PROJECT!
This building at a park needs a good coat of paint!!

At the last minute, we decided to drive up the road to Myrtle ave where they do fireworks at the Monrovia Library. We parked; ran down the street and watched about 23 minutes of fireworks!
I took GREAT pictures!!

 More swimming!

And diving!

There was the Stake Play, "Crazy for You". I curled these girls hair every day for 5 days. It was a treasure!

Kylie got artsy with the camera!

Quinn continues to drive

On the 24th, we got the Eagle Project started!!
People came to help paint!
 Jayna helped!

 Finished building!

more s'mores...

Kylie made a skirt!

Griffin opted for the 21day no wash hair, but swim every day hair style!
Christopher Fished in ALASKA!
 He sent us lots of fish and we did eat it!

Zak got his plaque put up at church!

We went to the Beach!

 It was GRIFFIN'S 9th Birthday

Kerry and I also celebrated our 31 Wedding Anniversary.
Steven celebrated his 27th birthday!

Wow - all this, just in July!
We need a nap!
I'll get August up in the next day or so!!

*So glad Candice and I can entertain each other with our blog posts! Thanks for your comments!


LunaFamily said...

Sounds like you had a boring summer. Just kidding, glad see you are still going strong, Julie. You're great!

Mary said...

That was fun, wow, I'm just tired reading it!!