Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm all in

I am selling my soul to get a decent date now.  As long as I'm moving, I might as well change up whatever I can to make it work.  Apparently girls actually like guys who dress in more than just whatever shorts and a t-shirt.

I bought V-neck shirts.  I bought Vans sneakers.  I got a new watch.  I even bought some skinny jeans.  Alyssia and the (self proclaimed) gay American Eagle worker got me an entire new wardrobe.

I'll post a real picture of some of my new clothes as well as the low-down on my Alaska trip soon.


Julie/mom said...

Thank you, Christopher. This was one entertaining post. I love the picture; loved what you said; and I really love that you're ALL IN!! Nice going. Please continue with updates!

Candice said...