Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's Do A SUMMER 2012 Recap!

We started the summer by dropping Zak off at the MTC on June 20th:

On the way home, we stopped at Zion's National Park:
 We took a tour on this tram. It was fun!
 The sights were AMAZING!

We went on this hike
 Underside of the waterfall:
It was all so beautiful!
We LOVED it!
THEN we drove to the Grand Canyon:

 Before we got to the Grand Canyon, we had to drive through a burned down forest.
You know how I like to drive by Burned Down things...(some of you do)
 An actual picture, not a post card. Amazing!!

On the side of the road!!

THEN, Griffin went to Cub Scout Camp!

 He LOVED the Archery!

Griffin grew some flowers for cubs, Kylie took my picture and her picture

 more swimming
 Quinn jumped in the pool to finish his swimming merit badge.
He had to jump in fully clothed, take off his clothes; make his clothes into a life saving device.

Oh My Goodness!
That is just JUNE!!
I will add July tomorrow...
You may enjoy this in 3 took my well over an hour...
Like the Terminator....I'll Be Back

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Candice said...

Loved it! Keep going!