Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shocking (not appalling) Race Results!!

Zak won....he finished in 35 minutes 4 seconds
I finished in 38 minutes 6 seconds.
Zak was 2 1/2 lengths ahead of me by the end!

The 38 minutes was my best time.

In the beginning Zak raced out ahead of me (like I expected). He swam the first lap and a half pretty quick; then felt tired and a little worried. So he started swimming out freestyle, then back elementary backstroke. His backstroke was his resting stroke.

I was not worried. I thought he would tire out and I would be the "turtle" coming in to finish the winner! Zak never tired. He did great. I thought it was a great experiment. I guess it really does mean something to be 17!

Here are a few pictures, taken by dad...

Here I am coming for one of my 32 laps

Going out...again

Kylie keeping the official record!
(By the way, Mitch Michaelis {remember him?} was the life guard on duty.)

There Zak is in front and if you look way back on the lane to the left, I am there.
me fixing my goggles...they constantly filled with water! I guess I was nervous.

Here you can see Zak coming to Kylie doing his back stroke, I am swimming farther away.

close up of me

close up of Zak

The finish

Kylie's payment for officiating: Ice cream at Rite Aid. It really is the best.

The official score card
It was exciting and fun!
Glad we did it!
When my hip feels better we are definitely doing the 3 mile race!!

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GBART said...

You must change this race to 6 miles because you are in great condition.
I don't think you will fare well at the 3 mile distance