Thursday, May 27, 2010


While looking for a box-mix of flan for QUINN'S extra credit, I found the item on the right---->
The flan was at the third grocery store that I checked. This last one was Kings Market; in my mind know as a VERY Hispanic grocery store. It is filled with different and interesting items that I do not see at my usual grocery store.
I had to study the aisles, trying not to miss the item I was looking for when I came upon this Maizena...Fortified Corn Starch Beverage Mix. It made me laugh out loud. I use corn starch to thicken gravy. Is this what is in Quick, or Quick's "pink milk"?

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Heather said...

I find that rather you said, something about the description of a 'fortified cornstarch beverage mix' justs doesn't quite cut it for me :) However, it does have a rather happy dancing drink of the front, making a 'we want YOU!' pose. So for that alone, I'd try it.