Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last night I dreamt of Mandalay.....

That is the first line from the book Rebbecca.

I really didn't dream of Mandalay, but I did dream of FOOD!

I dreamt that we drove to Mexico and I was going to eat chili dogs!

I dreamt that Griffin had to give a talk in sacrament meeting. I was in the audience; had forgotten, got an idea that he could talk about heroes all the while I was mixing up cake batter! I brought Griffin up the the stand WITH my cake batter while I was licking it up with my fingers. There were so many props up on the stand that we couldn't make our way to the microphone to speak. I was glad because by the time we got there I forgot what I was going to tell Griffin to say.

I woke up this morning happy to know that I did NOT eat any of that food.

Goals today:

Wal Mart for household items

send Chase pictures of trip & return his memory card

take Griffin to swimming lessons

take a shower!<>

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Nana said...

In your dreams you cook and eat! In my dreams I desperately try to get rid of huge amounts of clutter! In real life, you cook and eat. In my life right now I'm desperately trying to get to the bottom of Dad's dest!!I love all your pictures.