Monday, July 20, 2009

Where Have All The Cole's Gone, Long Time Passing

Ok, here are all of my excuses:
It's seems it's GROUND HOG DAY here; we do the same things day in, and day out
Someone else is always on the computer
I am too hot and sweaty

GROUNDHOG DAY (You know, the MOVIE!)
Things we do most EVERY day:
Play the board game Settlers of Catan (a couple of times)

Games we play in the Pool:
: the basketball game, but in the pool. Sometimes we play COW
Boogers and walrus: you know the game, it is like sharks & minnows. Everyone loves it, including Griffin. We are very competitive. Steven has quite a wound on his arm, Zak and Quinn’s hands are scraped up pretty well and my toe is hurt all from pushing off and grabbing onto the side of the wall.
Marco polo: just started. It was fun with Kylie and Griffin. They loved it.
Volleyball: always fun
Football: I really enjoyed this. Zak made it up.

I will now try to slowly catch you all up.

We'll start with the pictures from the homemade chocolate ice cream:
I made this at 11:00 at about it here.

It was delicious and we ate it all!

Tomorrow's posts:
July 4th pictures...shall post in the morning
Julie winning SoC....shall post at noon!
Funny dinner story....shall post at 6:00pm

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