Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There Are Starving Children In China!

July 9th – our 28! Wedding Anniversary

Kerry and I were going out to dinner; very exciting!
I still had to make sure there was food for my children at home; Zak, Quinn, Kylie and Griffin. I believe Steven had his own FREE restaurant meal with his delightsome Deloitt “buddy”…oh and Ike Felix was there too.

I knew that they could easily make Top Ramen. To make it a better, more protein filled meal, I bought some flap steak that they could put in with the Ramen. I BBQ'd that during lunch and cut it up ready to go in their meal.

We came home from our most delicious meal (thanks to a saved gift card from a party at the Harmon's house) and saw this pan on the stove:

I guessed that they had just barely made it, but hadn't eaten yet. I inquired. Look inside the pan:

They wanted to be VERY careful to make enough ramen for everybody to really have their full. What you are looking at is their leftovers! I think it VERY funny. The noodles are only about 10 cents a package. They said they loved the meat so much that they all picked through their bowls and ate that. They made 7 packages. I saved all that meat...can't remember if anyone ate it later.

I did feel better knowing that all those children know what it feels like to try to make the right amount of food, and guess a little high.


pictures of Steven's birthday...posted early; don't miss them!

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