Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back To Where I Stopped

Now I'll share pictures of Steven's birthday....there are lots, just so you won't feel like you missed anything!

Have you guessed; I am a saver! Why throw away a perfectly good box when it still can be used? The joy in wrapping gifts in these boxes is great. They might think they are getting some See's candy, but they are not; nor are they getting a new camera. It's all part of the unwrapping joy.

His wrapped gifts:

What's it gonna be?

Burt's Bee's lip balm

The "See's Candy" box

Notice Griffin's tongue

Some car wash certificates:

A Krispy Kreme donut box....

More socks

It's a book. I thought it would be "Strategies for Settlers of Catan". It wasn't. It was a novel about martians.

More gift certificates. They are good most anywhere!
Is he getting a camera?? No it wasn't and I have forgotten what was in that box.
His "cake" - Cool Whip Delight. He was happy to have it!
But did you notice his closed EYES again in the picture??

I can fix that. There, much better.
Oh, it was pants in that camera box.
(Blogger, bugging me today, you can't really move the pictures around and I tried to put them in the right order, but I guess I didn't!)
Then Steven invited Josh S. over to play THE GAME.
It was a lovely evening.
Enough of the PAST, we will be moving into the future now!
Hope you enjoyed all the catching up.

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Nana said...

It looks like Steven had a fun birthday! I loved seeing his "wide open blue eyes!" I loved seeing his little sidekick sitting by him with many different facial expressions. Am glad you had enough boxes for wrapping. I am now looking for some boxes to wrap a couple of Jenna's presents in. I hopw you all have a good day.