Friday, December 24, 2010

Wrestling with a Cake?

Last night Christopher, Chase, Zak and Quinn were just about ready to leave to go to a LAN party….that is computer speak; you only need to know that it is a nighttime thing; usually all night. A group of boys get together and play and play. They really enjoy it. They really enjoy playing “Cole vs.” and winning.

When I say just about ready, I mean they had their coats on ready. Chase turned around and Kerry saw this:

Ok, stop laughing. Prior to being "just about ready", Chase and Griffin were wrestling; on the couch and apparently on a CAKE!! No one really knows how it happened; but it is funny.

A neighbor came over a bit before and brought us this very fancy cake! So nice! We immediately brought the fancy box over to the ottoman, opened it up, cute it open and enjoyed some of the coffee flavored cake....well, Kerry really enjoyed ! It was very nice of our neighbor. They are good people. I guess the caffeine got Griffin and Chase going and they wrestled. The cake did not look bad at all. I forgot to take a picture of it.

Don't worry, I washed and dried Chase's pants and jacket. They had a good time at the party. They are home now and sleeping.

Hmm, Christmas memories!

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