Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Frugal Chocolate & Rain

I went to see Candice just before she left to go to Utah. She was having a cookie/cooking party! One of her friends was doing chocolate candy canes. They looked good. She was using 2 different squeeze bottles to squeeze the chocolate out of. When she was done she went to throw the bottles and leftover chocolate away! Shocking! I asked her if I could have it; she was happy to have me have it as opposed to throwing them away. She doesn't like the duty of cleaning the bottles. Today I made these Santas with that left over chocolate! Happy for me! On to RAIN! If you are not living in Southern California you may not know that it has been raining steady for the last week. Guess how much rain we have had! Here is a large bucket. You can see it goes up to my knee.

This much rain!
Since I took the picture, we have had a lot more rain....
Do we need to build an ark??


Sharron said...

Yes, build the ark...maybe it will guide you to Northern Idaho!!

Nana said...

What can I say! Thanks for the moisture. In august you will want all that and more.