Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It Takes Two Babayah!

We had to get 2 Christmas trees this year...
Here is the story: We went to get our first and we thought, our only Christmas tree.

We are little unconventional in our picking. We like to pick our trees while STILL in the binding. We just pick the tallest tree in our price range, then easily bring it home! It works great. This is our choice this year. It looks beautiful!
Griffin loves the tree

Here are Zak and Kerry tying the tree on the car.
Griffin is just having a good time on the car.

A FEW days go by and we notice more and more needles falling off the tree and we STILL have 2 weeks until Christmas! The tree must have been old. It didn't even suck up any of the water we so lovingly put in the tree holder.
So, we picked it up, took it outside, tied it back on the car and drove it back to Home Depot!
Yes we did!

They happily took their dead tree back and we picked another nice, tall tree. This is the only shot we took of our pick:
Yes, I feel a little off looking at it too.

Tying the tree back on the car

This one seems just fine.
It is decorated, but I guess no one has taken a picture of it.
I'll get right on that.

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Nana said...

I am so glad to have a faux tree every year. It comes in five pieces. I have to get it out of the box in the garage - don't have to tie it on the car - and it never gets old! So I use it every year.But I do understand the thing about "tradition". I can see that it tickles Griffin and other children. This is part of Christmas!!