Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Want The Rams To Draft Ndamakon Suh

So, last night Zak sat down at the computer to do some homework. He saw that Kylie had left her Orthography homework up on the computer. (Orthography: the art of writing words with the proper letters, according to accepted usage; correct spelling.)

There was a whole discussion on whether or not save it, what to do, Zak needed to use the computer, Kylie was done and sitting on the couch. I told Zak to just save it. So he did. He saved it as: I want the rams to draft Ndamakon Suh.doc **I just looked it up, and the correct way to spell his name is Ndamukong Suh.

I thought it very funny.

Now; here is Kylie's orthography; she is very creative:

1. Although the school district does what they think is right, there are often complaints.
2. Although the honorable school district does what they think will ameliorate schools, there are perpetually complaints.
3. “Congratulations!” the reporters said at the beginning of the superbowl M.V.P.’s interview.
4. “Congratulations!” buoyantly ejaculated the sanguine reporter at the beginning of the superbowl M.V.P’s titillating interview.
5. Although young children often get into mischief, they are forgiven easily.
6. Although puerile children often get into mischief inadvertently, they are usually amnestied facilely.
7. Since there was only one more spot for an employee, the boss had a hard time
choosing who to employ.
8. Since there was only one more billet for a cog, the austere boss had trouble selecting the condign employee.
9. My partner had lots of ideas for the hard project.
10. My apt, innovational partner had multifarious, meritorious ideas for our ardorous project.
11. Our laughter echoed throughout the house.
12. Our obstreperous laughter reiterated throughout the integral house.
13. Although homework is helpful, most students don’t like it.
14. Although didactic homework is exorbitantly efficacious, myriad scholars have animosity for it.
15. Sometimes writing complex sentences is hard.
16. Recurrently transcribing complex independent clauses is laborious.
17. Since exercising is good for your health, it is important that while they’re young, children exercise.
18. \since exercising is parlously beneficial for your health, it’s paramount that at a callow age, you exercise.
19. The rude critic complained about the delicious food.
20. The boorish critic complained interminably about the piquant food.


Steven said...

you should save her next assignment as "Too Bad The Rams Are Going To Get Injury-Prone Sam Bradford So S-Jax Can Have Someone To Hang Out With"

Julie/mom said...

great comment, Steven!

Nana said...

Are you reising a family of geniuses? I loved Kylie's uses of sententiousness and Stevens expressions of opinions!