Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Am Barfing Inside Myself!

Because it is St. Patrick’s Day, I made Corned Beef for dinner. Well, it did have something to do with my “meat” man at the grocery store. He found me in the cereal isle and asked if I had gotten my corned beef! I told him no, we have never had it before. He said it was great and so easy to fix, he would go to the back and get me a good one!

He got it.
I cooked it.
I also cooked some cabbage, a salad and put out last night’s cornbread. I thought it would be a very tasty dinner.

It wasn’t. We really didn’t care for the taste of the corned beef although I cooked it expertly. I didn’t like my choice of salad dressing, so I didn’t like that. I LOVED the cornbread, but it really has too many carbs for me, so the cabbage was my favorite part.

I said that out loud, about the cabbage, adding that I wasn’t even sure it had anything of nutritional value in it. Zak was aghast!

Zak: “What! I am barfing inside myself to eat this stuff!”

That’s not the kind of comment we mothers are striving for.

I looked up cabbage…it is VERY good for you besides tasting good (to me).
Reduces the risk of several cancers including:
It also may inhibit the growth of tumors
It has fiber and vitamin C and calcium
May reduce the risk of cataracts! (Nana & Bumpa!)
Low in calories

So, I took pictures...then I put the picture on the computer and found more pictures that I took. Here is a small sampling of our lives, through pictures, over the last little while I guess it has not been all cooking, cleaning, running, homework and bed:

If you know me, you know I do NOT like bees! I found this pile right by our mailbox today! How did they get there!!
Kerry told us tonight that when he changed the light bulb to the outside light recently, all those dead bees were caught in the light fixture. He knocked them out and left them to their own burial.

The current book I am reading is called The Happiness Project. It is interesting, different and I am enjoying it. It is non-fiction. One of the things the author did was go through her house and de-clutter. Well, I could use a little of that, so today I started with my purse. This is all the stuff that was in my purse!! No wonder it was so heavy. I like all that stuff. It has a purpose. I just have to find a better place for it.

Every store you go to now wants you to get one of their cards!! If you don't your purchase will cost you more, so I just get the stinking card! What are we supposed to do with them!!

This was the view from our hotel room.
This is showing just one of the pools.

The ocean from our hotel room...look close.
I am all about food...that is how I chronicle my life.
Kerry was golfing. I was left to my own devices for about 5 or 6 hours. I got myself some good lunch at the grocery store, saw this piece of cake.
It was MOST delicious!!
Early memory: My grandma bringing me a German Chocolate Cake for my 3rd birthday. I don't remember anything else, just the look of that fabulous cake.
I don't regret a bite!

Griffin entertaining himself during primary.
Enough said.

OH, More Hawaii....
another view from our hotel room
It was a lovely time.

Our Hotel room
Notice it is TWO rooms!! A TV in each room! Amazing.
I think what is on TV was what we watched during the terrible Tsunami

Pizza for dinner: I have made pizza for dinner lately. It is very good.
Zak said: "Are you under the impression that pizza you buy is better than this? It's not. This is way better!"
Now that is the kind of comment we mothers really like!

Oh, cookies. So good. Haven't had those in a while....
I guess that is the end!!
Hope you enjoyed this pictorial journey.


Christopher said...

Griffin sits by some very stuck up looking girls in primary. Not sure how you got that picture.

And was there really a cordless phone in your purse?

Heather said...

Oh no...well, I guess we'll find out about the awfulness of corned beef on Sunday. And it looks like Hawaii was a blast!

Julie/mom said...

The cordless phone: that was NOT in my purse, but I was using it to call on all the gift cards I found IN my purse to see if they were still good. They are all still good.

Nana said...

I used most of my gift cards up on S & H engagement evening. Steven wanted an ice cream cake. I was so happy to have gift cards from Baskin Robbins to pay for it. Sophie was a little unhappy because she wanted the gift cards for her random double scoop vanilla caramel ice cream cones. Actually my gift cards came from CMPJ at the end of her school year. - from grateful parents whose children were lucky enough to get MS Payne.

Steven said...

Do you have a purpose for all three types of gum? And is that not one but two tubes of toothpaste?

Julie/mom said...

Toothpaste: when we go to the dentist, he always gives up goes in my purse and apparently doesn't come out. Did you notice the floss there too? And I believe there is one toothbrush.
Gum: I didn't know I had all that. I recently became reacquainted with cinnamon gum. The bubble gum is for the children, the other I just like but didn't know it was there.