Saturday, March 6, 2010

Challenge Fan X

on "Page 2" of ESPN they created this new columnist called "Fan X". His whole persona is that he is a regular guy, but a sports genius, he would be the best GM or coach if someone gave him a job. So, in his most recent column he posted a link to his fantasy baseball leage and challenged people to join it so he can prove how he dominates (but join fast, only 20 people per league!) today I looked at the league (assuming it was full) but I saw that it still were like 6 slots left to join. I looked around for a long time and couldn't find a place where it actually lets you join. (that must be why there are still spots left, none can figure out how to join), but by my genius I found out how to join. If you want you can join too by using this link. I don't know anything about fantasy baseball, but I wanted to join just so I can smack talk in the chats and win and become famous. I'm gonna just let it auto-draft for me when the time comes. My team name is Why Can't I Draft S-Jax


Steven said...

I'm in. One spot left.

Zak said...
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Zak said...

The league is full now.... earlier Steven asked me what DTD meant, I googled at and found it was: Day To Day injury. I tried to read a few things about fantasy baseball, and it seemed too complicated, so I'm just gonna hope they have projections I can always go by; my goal is to not get last.