Saturday, April 19, 2008

What's Saturday For?

Dad: open house (camino real), hard labor with logs, preparing a priesthood lesson.
Mom: drove Stake Youth Conference kids about (was a bit grumpy about it), grocery shop, kitchen clean up, laundry, watched Kylie softball game.
Quinn: what's it called....he had a molten core (?) gaming day today. While we did our thing, he did his and that was apparently playing on the computer. I did see he has started a school project. He did make mom and griffin happy by getting him lots of rootbeer.
Kylie: has a cyst or a polyp in her sinus! She had an x-ray yesterday and that is what it showed. She is not feeling well, (headaches, ear ache, all about ache) but she played a great game of softball anyway. She played catcher. She is great at that position.
Griffin: played lincoln logs with daddy, a bit of badmiton too, (I heard him talk about his birdy, and I see evidence by my bed), went to the game and grocery shopping with me. And this morning Griffin started his pre-Sunday speach about how he didn't want to go to church. I reassured him that we we would not go today.

OH - Zak: he is at stake youth conference....he did that stuff. We pick him up around 11:00pm.


Steven said...

I took my New Testament final, got a 96%.

Julie/mom said...

Excellent! That is a good use of a Saturday.