Monday, April 14, 2008

Back To School

It was back to school for us today.
Dad slept so well that Zak had to wake him up for his seminary ride.
I slept nicely too. When I went out to my car I found my battery was dead. No fear, there is always the truck to drive!
Zak - got himself up (as usual) for seminary. Played a volleyball game against LaSalle.....AHS won, AND Zak played.
Quinn had a nice day at school, is currently doing his homework.
Kylie had a nice day at school too. She played with Brianna after school. She is also working on making her own plate for a girl scout project.
Griffin seemed tired today.
We read the scriptures for FHE....the part about King Noah and Abinadi.
I am teaching pre-school tomorrow - we are studying the letter W.

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Emily said...

congrats on beating la salle!