Thursday, August 19, 2010

Streak For Cash...Food Style

We have been playing ESPN's Streak For Cash!
It is kind of like gambling...with no money involved, you just pick who you think will win a certain sporting event. IF you get your streak of winning for the month to around 20 - 25 you will probably be the winner of $250,000!
I have only been about to get my streak to 4! Very frustrating. You get a nice star if you can get to 5. Those that have received a star: Kerry & Steven have both gotten 6 this month, Zak got 8! in July, this month it is only 3. Quinn got a streak of 9 between July & August, but this month has only recorded 2. Heather has gotten a 5, Chase is just about to get a 5 (if the Red's win their game tonight). Christopher has also gotten a 5 this month.
So, last night at dinner someone said "too bad there is no streak for cash for great dinners!" I agreed! Sometimes I have made some real stink pots for dinner, but my streak has been really great lately. We went to the Taco truck last Friday (come on! We had to, Chase needed to experience it since his mission!) Since then I have made 6 great dinners! Tonight we ate French Dip Sandwiches. I made the roast beef. It was good.
It is always nice to make others happy.
**UPDATE - oh, one other GREAT thing I did today: I got the ring OUT of all our toilets! It was quite exciting.

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Nana said...

wedding ring?
engagement ring?
What kind of ring?