Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hmm, a Post About Food - That's How Life Is In My Head


Griffin woke up wanting French Toast.

That's fine, and somewhat usual, BUT I woke up feeling a little nauseated, which reminded me to check the eggs I bought (and used some of last night) to see if they are part of the egg recall for Salmonella. I checked and YES they did need to be returned!! Hmm...nausea... Better now.

Plan #2 - Griffin said he would have oatmeal; Chase said he'd eat some too, so I made a nice amount. I was grateful that I found a whole new "bucket" of oatmeal in the pantry. When I opened it up I thought it smelled a bit off, but I made it anyway. The smell lingered, so I checked the expiration date....that was March of 2007....no wonder it had a smell. No one ate that.

Plan #3 - Life cereal. That was good, not expired, nor holding a bad virus.

Later in the day I had to take Zak to the orthodontist. While I waited (for AN HOUR!!) Kerry texted me that the Sparta soccer team was losing; which is what Zak voted for in the Streak for Cash! I went to the back to tell him. While there, he showed me the kelly green color that he picked for his braces. It was a nice color. I walked back out to the waiting area. Finally, 3 magazines later, he walked out. We got his new appointment. He smiled a few times, I looked...and wondered....was that the color he chose?? He was looking in the mirror at his teeth, I asked him, and NO, he did NOT chose that LIME GREEN color!! We laughed. What else could we do? I'll add the picture later - - he is not home, he is registering for school. **It's later; I've added the picture.

Tonight, it will be chicken enchiladas. In lines, as the kids like to say.
**NOTE: dinner was FABULOUS!!

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Heather said...

Sounds like our wedding...we asked for sage green and got lime green too!