Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Post, Even Though It hasn't Quite Been One Month Since My Last Post!

Ok, I've been busy; running, showering, dieting, grocery shopping, tracking my food and running. It takes a lot of thought and effort. I finally am taking a moment and put some pictures from my camera onto the computer - and now you can all enjoy them!

Here are a few moments in our lives:

One day I found Griffin watching TV. Maybe he was just trying to be "close" with Chase since I think those goggles are his.

Kylie found a pirate outfit from the good old Halloween boxes. I believe those pirate pants were some I made for Christopher or Steven when they were about 7. Nice fit! I love Kylie's hair with the bandanna. I wish she would use this style more often.
Griffin has gone for the Black Ninja outfit! It is what he picked. After Halloween was all over, he crawled up on my lap and told me, "what I really want to be for Halloween is Wolverine!"

Here is Kylie at the Highland Oaks parade.
more parade

Griffin at the parade - he was really looking for me. I had to jump up and down and call out his name so he could see me.

Here is a good story:
One day Griffin and Kylie came home. I could tell Griffin was quite upset. I come to discover that there had been a bad misunderstanding at school. Griffin got in trouble where he did nothing wrong and felt so bad for it. Kylie, in trying to help, offered to carry him a little bit of the way home. She felt bad for her sad brother. I told them both that they were fabulous and lovely children. They tried to choose the right and be nice to others. I would make them as much malt as they could stand (that is often my answer, and it does cure most everything). Here they are enjoying their malts. Glad I could a sad to a happy.

In keeping with the sports theme of our family, while at the Highland Oaks Halloween parade, I saw these two football jerseys. They are somewhat interesting....only interesting enough for a small size picture. Click on them to see better if you desire.

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hill mill said...

Griffin wearing the goggles is so tender! aw