Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Commercials

USA Today had a rating of the Super Bowl commercials.

#1 Clydesdale horses with the rocky music
#2 Carrier pigeions
#3 critters scream with squirrel missed by car
#4 Giant rat goes for buys bag of chips
#5 fire breather heats up romantic dinner
#6 men sneak beer into wine and cheese party
#7 big parade balloons go after the parade balloon coke
#8 star studded cast stops dozing
#9 scent of nuts makes homely woman alluring
#10 stain on shirt is louder than a job candidate

What were your favorites?


Steven said...

My favorite was the carrier pigeons. I am surprised Shaq winning the horse race wasn't on that top ten list, I thought that was really funny.

Chase said...

i didnt think there were too many really funny commercials, but i think its like that every year. after the superbowl ends you only remember the good commercials not all the bad ones.

my favorite commercial was one before the superbowl started. it had matt hasselbeck complaining that nobody ever sent him fan mail. heres a little recap of it in case you missed it: Matt Hasselbeck was complaining about how all the other NFL QB's like Brett Favre and Peyton Manning always get a ton of fan mail and that nobody ever sends him anything. So one day he goes to check his fan mail and he actually got a letter. He was happy because it wasnt from his mom or anything like that, but a real fan! He opens it and it says "Brett Favre never responds to his fan mail anymore, so do you think you could get an autograph from him for me?"