Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Today there were a bunch of people in the IT lab that apparently didn't have anything better to do. They go through different games until they get bored of them or somebody figures out how to hack it.

I told them my little sister could get higher on this Avalanche game than anybody. So, that started the competition. I'm pretty sure I've seen Kylie go over 1,000 ft. They've written the high score for this game on the board - just over 400 ft. That was like twice what the last guy got.

What are your high scores?


Julie/mom said...

Zak: over 1000
Quinn: 1154
Kylie: 1700

most enjoyable and funny post

Julie/mom said...

Zak wants to challenge your IT people to dota....he thinks his people will destroy your people.

Steven said...

I just got 546 on my second try. Those IT guys stink.

Jason said...

my highest is 1300 but the highest i have seen is 7806 it is on yhe