Sunday, December 9, 2007


Sunday dinner....had spaghetti instead of Hamburgers and Hotdogs!
Fantasy Football! High score...145 (me!) Low score 41...cj (sorry)
Z & Q at Bishop's fireside.
Griffin was tired at 5:00pm, now at 7:41 he is jumping off the walls.
Kylie is brushing her teeth.

Not much going on.


Christopher said...

2 of my guys got taken out of the game due to injuries. 1 actually had to get carted off.

I think I get the award for worst luck with injured guys. I drop somebody because they're out probably every other week at least.

Chase said...

im never trusting projections again. i had guys projected at like 2 and 3 but they got 19 and 14. my guy projected at like 11 got 26. my guys projected at 22 and 18 got 2 and 3. pretty much anyone i benched did amazing and anyone i played did terrible