Sunday, October 7, 2012

New York

I went to New York, toured around, and came back entirely on public transportation.  I took a bus from my house to the metro station.  Then metro to the big "Union Station" bus station.  Then a bus from Union Station to New York, and then a subway all around New York.

What was scary about the Union Station bus is I missed the one I wanted to take and just got on another that pulled up a few minutes later.  I asked the guy if it was going to New York, but he didn't speak much English, and he probably didn't understand it anyway.  Also, the bus was supposed to be $21, and he charged me $35.  So once I got on the bus and we started going, I was a little worried I may be going somewhere else.  But I ended up in New York.

I should have taken more pictures.  I arrived at about 10 PM on 34th Street.  I decided to walk up to the hotel on 56th Street.  I went all the way up 7th Avenue, which means I went straight through Times Square and the heart of New York.  Notice how many people are on the streets.  It was ALWAYS like this.

The next day we did a lot of walking around, checking things out, taking the subway around, and shopping.  This Macy's was crazy.  There was an entire floor just dedicated to women's shoes.
Later in the afternoon, I went to the TKTS booth in the middle of Times Square to see if I could score any discounted broadway tickets.
And I was able to get tickets to Phantom of the Opera for 50% off!  I really enjoyed the show.
Finally later that night I went to the last game of the season for the Yankees, against the Red Sox.  They killed them, with several home runs and at the bottom of the 7th they found out they had clinched the top seed in the American League playoffs.

The next day we went to Battery Park to check out the Statue of Liberty.  It was a foggy day, but still neat to see.
Given more time, I could have gone to see Staten Island.

Some other interesting things I was able to do was eat a New York pizza (not good, very greasy), and a New York Cheesecake (BEST cheesecake ever from Juniors in Times Square)

The Subway you can tell is very old.

Empire State Building on a foggy day so you couldn't even see the top.

And that is New York!


Julie/mom said...

Great Pictures!!
Area we supposed to see the Statue of Liberty behind you in that foggy picture?
You should have taken some pictures of the floor of shoes in macey's!

Christopher said...

Ya, you can see the shadow of an island with what kinda looks like a lighthouse on one side. That lighthouse is the statue of liberty.

Steven said...

Looks like it was a sweet trip!

Mary said...

Best CHEESECAKE EVER!! From Juniors everybody should try it, hey I have some in my freezer.....