Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Leaving

It has taken me 4 tries to get these pictures up here!
Oh, I am glad to do it.
Ok, let's relive the last hour Zak was at the house...

Here he is looking casual in the kitchen

 All the children looking casual in the kitchen:

 Oops, had to come back, forgot something...

Walking out the back door:

 Walking out the gate
 Trying to touch the rim...(really I am trying to catch the actual touch of the rim in my picture)
 Got it!!
 Getting in the car:
hmm...these next 3 are out of place, but lets just go with it...
Here everyone is in the car JUST before we let Zak out:
 There is the man that gave us his 5 sentence "talk". I'm sure he gave the same one 550 times that day!
 The nice elder that helped Zak get his luggage out of the car
This should be the last picture... we are just back to just starting out our drive:
 Zak's packed luggage
 Zak's overcoat. They are very formal in Boston!
 Eating breakfast at Nana and Bumpa's
 Putting his shoes on
 I shaved his neck the night before. Doesn't it look so nice?

 Happy Zak

After we dropped him off, we had a great meal in Provo. I'll post those pictures tomorrow!

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Heather said...

Great post! I love the looking 'casual' pictures!