Thursday, March 15, 2012

He's Finally Gone!!!

The Lakers traded to get a point guard AND got rid of Luke Walton


Christopher said...

Best news ever! I'm surprised they got rid of Derek Fisher though. Leader of the players union during a strike...coincidence?

Julie/mom said...

I made a comment. I wasn't signed in. I tried to sign in, then lost my comment. That makes me mad! So, if you want to comment, make sure you sign in first!!

comment...sort of:
1. I didn't know about derek fisher! shocking.
2. Luke walton is Laura Warner's favorite laker.....funny to me.
3. Zak, thanks for posting

Chase said...

I would just like to re-emphasize the point that zak made: the main benefit of the trade was to get rid of Luke Walton and his ridiculous contract. Getting a player in return was a bonus

Quinn said...

it's already addition by subtraction getting rid of walton, but somehow we got a pretty good player in return

too bad we had to get rid of fisher though