Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Owned Steven

I knew I had to beat Steven to get 2nd place in the standings, and I destroyed him, it's not that big of a deal though; me beating him iss about as surprising as the Young Men winning the Turkey Bowl (not at all). And it's not really my fault I'm only in 2nd place, because I beat Christopher the one time I got to play him, and beat Steven BOTH times I played him; unfortunately though, Dad is actually tied with me for 2nd (and he beat me both times we played), so I have to hope Dad loses to someone this week. I also noticed that I was (once again) the top point getter this week, and am quickly climbing my way up to Points For list, but it's not a big deal, that's only about as surprising as knowing that I own the top two rushers in the NFL (not at all).
I was going to make a bet to Heather about the Rams-Seahawks game, but I got worried Steven Jackson wouldn't play.

Maybe the Rams should use Steven Jackson as their new QB


Zak said...

I forgot to mention, a few days after you guys drove back to Utah I played bubble spinner a few times, and on my 3rd or so try I got a score of 2830. I was sure that I broke the record, but Steven's old record is 2889. Soooo close

Heather said...

You should've bet me...especially seeing the results of the game. I guess you can't win at everything, eh? ;)